The second game that we finished was Breakpoint.

As I previously said, it’s best described as a Survival Tower Defense game. But you’re free to call it whatever you like.

The game was created by six people, two others made contributions to the music in the game. Refer to the credits if you’re interested.

After the course was over, Johnny Schaap, Kevin van Nieuwenhuizen and I decided to polish it a bit more to send it to the Game Development Awards 2011 and guess what.. we won!

Anyway, you’re probably more interested in the game itself.

You can download the game here.

You’ll probably also need the XNA Framework 3.1 to play the game. You can get that here.

And for that you might need .Net framework 2.0, but you probably have that already. If not, click here.

There is an in-game tutorial which I’d recommend to everyone, unless you like learning from trial and error.

Well, that’s about it. Here are some screenshots (made by Johnny Schaap):