Shadow Spawn

As promised in my last post I’ve finished fixing my old projects.

The first game is called Shadow Spawn.

I made this game with Kevin van Nieuwenhuizen as part of the Game Design course this year.

The total time developing the game was about two weeks if you don’t count the time spent fixing small bugs.

The game was made in Game Maker 8, which was a little bit of getting used to, since not everything can be done in code and some other differences with traditional game making methods like in C#/XNA or C++ caused some confusions at first.

It’s a Hack and Slash RPG that places you in the role of the son of the devil.

For more info about the story I suggest you play the game.

You can download it here (~44MB)

I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s not a very long game (I never timed it, but my guess would be around 30 minutes depending on how good you are)

Also please tell me about it if you find bugs, balancing issues or have any other kind of comments about the game in the comments section. I’d really appreciate that.

And special thanks to Johnny Schaap for his help finding the many bugs the game had.

Here are some screenshots: