Fixing some old project

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on games in the meanwhile.

In the contrary, I’ve made two new games: An RPG and a Tower Survival game (you could call it a Tower Defense)

The reason I haven’t posted any of them is because I wasn’t too happy with the end result. Don’t get me wrong, the games aren’t bad by any means, only they were both limited by a deadline, so they’ve got quite some bugs and rough edges.

We made the survival game (Breakpoint) with six people and two people contributed to the sounds/music.

The RPG (Shadow Spawn) was made by me and a friend.

We always talked about polishing those games a bit, but we never actually started with it.

So these last few days, me and two of my friends decided to polish the games a bit so we can send them to a little games contest that’s being organised on the 21th of may by our faculty’s game development club.

Since we’ve got a deadline on the 21th, I’m pretty sure that’s about the time when we’ll be done polishing the game and I’ll post the games here so you can download it.

By the way, As part of the¬†assignment, we had to make a website for Breakpoint. There isn’t that much info on it, the website is in Dutch, but there are a few screenshots and a trailer¬†on it if you’re interested.

Click here for the website.

That’s it for now, I hope I’ll be able to finish those two projects by 21th may.

Maybe I’ll post a tutorial later if I have an idea of something interesting.

Edit: The deadline has been moved to 11th of june, so I’ll probably spend my time preparing for some exams and will polish the games later.